Professor Cyd Adams

Professor Cyd Adams, a noted poet in the Southwest, taught in the Department of English at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he received a Master of Arts Degree. Professor Adams is noted for the lyric, intense, and introspective personal nature of his poetic work, which has gained increasing attention in recent years. In addition to his writing, his teaching, combined with a deep sense of kindness and dignity, was challenging in the classroom and respected by peers and students.

The staff of Clio's Eye is pleased to present two original poems on film entitled For Chandler and Hammett, for Warner and RKO and Of out, out. In addition, a reprint of a poem, River Road, by Professor Adams which appeared first in New Texas and subsequently in Labor that a man takes issued by the University of North Texas Press, 1995, is presented with its powerful evocation of hot summer nights, 40-foot heroes, and Technicolor horses.

Elegies on Film


Cyd Adams

River Road

Of out, out..

For Chandler and Hammett, for Warner and RKO