Clio's Art Gallery

Autumn Scenes from New England

Music by: Fantasy Medieval Music

Performed by: Brunuh Ville

Autumn Village; Earl Cunningham

Autumn Village

Earl Cunningham

Early October; Frank S. Wilson

Early October

Frank S. Wilson

Autumn Woods; Albert Bierstadt

Autumn Woods, 1886

Albert Bierstadt

Cresheim Glen, Thomas Moran, 1864

Cresheim Glen, 1864

Thomas Moran

View on the Catskill

Early Autumn

Thomas Cole

Autumn Sunset; Francis Cropsey

Autumn Sunset, 1868-75

Jasper Francis Cropsey

Sunset; George Inness


George Inness

Fall Plowing; Dwight Tryon, 1916

Fall Plowing, 1916

Dwight W. Tryon

Portrait of a Tree; Aline

Portrait of a Tree


White Cottage, 1941

White Cottage, 1941

Woodhull Adams

Autumn Landscape; Jasper Francis Cropsey

Autumn Landscape and Church

Jasper Francis Cropsey

Autumn Passage; Donald Allen Mosher

Autumn Passage

Donald Allen Mosher

Little Bridge; Leonid Afemov

Little Bridge 2

Leonid Afemov