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Movie Jacket for Sink the Bismarck

March, 2017

Sinking The Bismarck

Casey Byrne

Cast of Peaky Blinders

November, 2016

Peaky Blinders

Torri Haubert

Cloud Hunter

December, 2016

Trail of Painted Ponies

Dr. E. D. Malpass

Original movie poster

July, 2016
From The Vault

Cinema and The Black Struggle Against Lynching

Dr. Susan Zeiger

Isaac Newton

August, 2016

Sir Isaac Newton

The Gravity of Genius

Timothy Ehlinger

Poster for Terry Jones's Medieval Life

April, 2016

Medieval Lives

Gehrig Rock

Woman in Gold: Klimpt

March, 2016


Mary Devine Winner
Woman In Gold

Kailee Densman


February, 2016

Nefertiti Ressurected

Kris Moffett

Newby Hall

December, 2015 &

January, 2016
A Naturalist Abroad

Mary Devine


Movie Jacket

October, 2015

The Elephant Man

Sofia S. Gutierrez-Ortiz

Robert Downey, Jr. as Dr. Merivel

November, 2015


Levi Mason


August, 2015

Visions of the Past

Evan Boneta
Braveheart Poster

September, 2015

Mary Devine Award, 2015

Braveheart: Outstanding Film?

Horrible History

Garrett Box

King John I of England

June, 2015
& 2016

King John I


Magna Carta

May, 2015

Mary DevineAward, 2015

Game of Thrones and Feuding Families

Sherman Sadler

Viking Attack Scene

April, 2015

Blood of The Vikings

Miles Nye

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

March, 2015




Movie Jacket for Judgement at Nuremburg

February, 2015

Judgement At Nuremberg

Brook McPhail

Portrait of William Shakespeare

December, 2014

Shakespearean Drama

Gretchen Patterson

Author Beverley Davis and Zeke

March & April 2014

The Nisean Horse


Movie Jacket for 1995 Richard III

Sept. 2014

Mary Devine Award

Richard III



Basketball Team featured in Glory Road

February, 2014

Glory Road

Randy McKelvey

Odysseus: Man or Myth

December, 2013

Odysseus: Real Man or Myth?

Mary Devine Award 2013

Gretchen Patterson

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