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December, 2009
May, 2015

Clio Listens:

Cuban Music

 Jason Dormady, Ph.D

December, 2009

A Christmas Carol:  

A History in Film

Ryan Gullett

November, 2009

Religion as the Cause of Temperance and Abstinence

Savannah L. Williamson

October, 2009

Evil Modernity and the Redemption of the Anglo-Saxon Warrior

Jochen S. Arndt

August/September, 2009

Tudor History in Fact and Film

Dr. Elizabeth Deanne Malpass

April/May, 2009

November, 2013

Clio Reads:

A Tale Worth Telling

Jochen S. Arndt

March, 2009

Cuban Music Looking Good Ten Years After Buena Vista

Jason Dormady, Ph.D.

February, 2009

Frontline: Dreams of Obama

Ryan Gullett

December, 2008/January, 2009

O'Connor Awards 2009


September/October, 2008

El Che: Investigating a Legend

Glenda Moss

July/August, 2008

The City of Lights


May/June, 2008

Romanticizing the Mafia

Megan Sharp

March/April, 2008

Kingdom Of Heaven

Ramon Cattell

February/March, 2008

3:10 to Yuma

Clive Sinclair

(article courtesy TLS)

January, 2008

James Ivory: Cause to Celebrate

Dr. Elizabeth Deanne Malpass

Graham Greene

Fall 2007,

Fortunate Author, Graham Greene

Dr. Elizabeth Deanne Malpass

Summer, 2007

300: History vs Myth

Andrew Dansby

February, 2007

The Lie of the Portrait

Laurie Fendrich

Fall 2006, Baseball Edition

America's Past Time Meets America's Passion

Dr. Andrew C. Lannen

Fall 2006, Baseball Edition

A League of Their Own

Jennifer Brancato

Fall 2006, Baseball Edition

Bull Durham

Tori Brown

Fall 2006, Baseball Edition


Eight Men Out

Jochen S. Arndt

Fall 2006, Baseball Edition

The Pride of the Yankees

Jason Fuqua


Fall 2006, Baseball Edition


John W. Garbutt


Summer, 2006

The Hills Are Still Alive

Amanda Leiva

Fall, 2005

December 7

James M. Perkins

Summer, 2005

Now Playing: Vietnam

Marilyn B. Young

Spring, 2005

Reflections of a Frustrated Film Consultant

Scott Hendrix, PhD

Spring, 2005

Gods and Generals: The Early Years of the American Civil War

Jake Bickham

Fall, 2004

Fantasizing Vermeer's

"Girl With A Pearl Earring"

Vicki Alford

Fall, 2004

The Medieval Mind

Cynthia McLeod

The Open Range

Summer, 2004

The Future of the West: A Quarter Century Perspective

Carol Antill

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