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Grand Duchess Alexandra

September, 2013

Mary Devine Award 2013


By Emma Richburg

Manuscript Art depicting Agincourt

October, 2013

Mary Devine Award 2013

Henry V: The English

Longbow at the

Battle of Agincourt

By Joseph Bauer


Aztecan Temple

June 2013

Mary Devine Award 2013


By Gus Perea

The Trojan Women

August 2013

Mary Devine Award 2013

The Trojan Women

By Marina DonLevy

February 2013

Jane Eyre

By Gretchen Patterson

December 2012

Mary Devine Award 2012

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

By Amanda Saunders

December 2012

Breaker Morant

By Will Cheung

December 2012

Gallipoli: Boys on the Run

By Brandon Curtis

Osaka Warriors by Carol Grieg

December 2012

Stereotyping Indians in Film

By Clay Upton

November 2012

Traces of Feminism in

Greek Literature

By Shelby Winthrop

September 2012

Vikings: A Nova Documentary

By Jeffery Moore

December 2011

Mary Devine Award 2011

The Madness of King George III and the Use of Primitive Medicine in the Eighteenth Century

By Miles Nye

November 2011

A Bridge Too Far: In Life & Film

By Amanda M. Daniell

October 2011

National Identity in the Weimar Cinema:Occult, Expressionism and the Femme Fatale Part II

By Meg Geddie

September 2011

National Identity in the Weimar Cinema: Occult, Expressionism and the Femme Fatale Part I

By Meg Geddie

June 2011

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

By Ryan Scharfenberg

May 2011

Pan's Labyrinth

By Molly Dugan

April 2011

A Historical Review of

Wolfgang Petersen's Troy

By Taylor Pierce

March 2011

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By Yuri Franco

January 2011

Mary Devine Award 2010

Becoming Jane

By Terri Draper

December 2010

The Guns of August

By Jake McAdams

December 2010

Who Are The Celts?

By Jeffery Moore

November 2010

Los Ultimos Zapatistas:

Heroes Olvidados

By Jason Dormady, Ph.D.

 Summer 2010

John Boorman's Excalibur:

An Exercise in Cinematic Vision

By Lance Bailey

April/May 2010

Wells of Creativity

By Elizabeth Deanne Malpass

February 2010

Empire of Captives

By Jochen S. Arndt

January 2010

Mary Devine Award 2009

An Unfinished Life

By Carol Antill

January 2010

Clio Reads:

Before the Storm

By Jochen S. Arndt

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