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Poster of Schlindler's List Movie

Fall, 2002

 Schindler's List and the Construction of Holocaust Memory

Donna West

Fall, 2002

Rebels With an Aryan Cause: Neo-Nazis in American Feature Films Since 1945

Dr. Lawrence Baron

Fall, 2002

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: A Romance Made in Hollywood

Dr. Robert Mathis

Los Angeles at sunset

Summer, 2002

Los Angeles and the Problems

of the Noir City

Dr. Sharon Sekhon

Working Girls Poster

Spring, 2002

Working Girls on Film:

Images & Issues

Dr. Leslie Fishbein

Poster from the Topsy Turvy Movie

Winter, 2001-2002

Topsy Turvy

Mary Devine

Fall, 2001 & Summer, 2013

Film & Poetry

Cyd Adams

Summer, 2001

The Patriot

Josh Flores, Son Mai, Scott Morehouse, Craig Wallace, Donna West, Susan West, Alicia Young

Spring, 2001


The Eye of All the World

Dexter Satterwhite

Joan of Arc by Rossetti

Spring, 2001

Joan on the Screen: Burned Again?

Dr. Kathryn Norberg

How To Make An American Quilt

May, 2000

July, 2015

Stitching the Stories of Time

Joan E. Killam

February, 2000

An Analysis of a Film by Oscar Micheaux

Dr. Susan Zeiger

November, 1999

World War II Remembered

Scott Cowin, Josh Flores, Dexter Satterwhite, Craig Wallace, Liza T. Powers

September, 1999

May, 2015

Five by Bill Moyers

Dr. E. Deanne Malpass


June, 1999

Behind the Mask and

Mystique of Zorro

Carol Antill

Clio, Grecian Muse of History

 Clio, Greek Muse of History


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