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May 2017

DanteFrench King Louis XVIIIPainting of Joan of ArcNelson MandelaMary, Queen of ScotsJamestown Landing

May 1, 1274 Dante first glimpses Beatrice di Portinari, the young girl who will inspire his poetry.
Movie: Dante: Divine Comedy (2000) - Documentary
Book: Rachel Jacoff, The Cambridge Companion to Dante

May 2, 1945 The city of Berlin, after weeks of pounding air strikes, surrenders to the advancing Russian Army.
Movie: Battle of Berlin (1973) - Documentary
Book: Michael D. Haydock, City Under Siege: The Berlin Blockade and Airlift, 1948-1949

May 3, 1814 Louis XVIII returns to Paris as monarch following Napoleon's abdication.
Movie: Waterloo (1971) Rod Steiger
Book: Philip Mansel, Louis XVIII

May 4, 1931 Convicted of income tax evasion, Al Capone enters the Federal Penitentiary at Atlanta, Georgia.
Movie: Al Capone-Scarface (1987) - Documentary
Book: John Kobler, Capone: The Life and World of Al Capone

May 5, 1935 Tennessee officially bans the teaching of evolution in the school system.
Movie: Inherit the Wind (1960) Spencer Tracy
Book: Don Nardo, The Scopes Trials - Famous Trials Series

May 6, 1856 Sigmund Freud is born in Moravia.
Movie: Sigmund Freud (1997) - Documentary
Book: Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

May 7, 1915 The liner Lusitania is sunk off the coast of Ireland by a German U boat.
Movie: National Geographics's Last Voyage of the Lusitania (1996) - Documentary
Book: Diana Preston, Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy

May 8, 1429 Joan of Arc lifts the English siege at Orleans.
Movie: The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999) Milla Jovovich
Book: Regine Renoud, Joan of Arc: By Herself and Her Witnesses

May 9, 1926 Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett try to and claim to reach the North Pole by monoplane, a claim later disputed by Byrd's own records.
Movie: With Byrd at the South Pole: The Story of Little America (1930) - Documentary
Book: Richard E. Byrd, The Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd

May 10, 1994 Nelson Mandela, who spent years in prison for opposing apartheid, takes oath of office as South Africa's first native African President.
Movie: Frontline: The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela (1999) - Documentary
Book: Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

May 11,1904 Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie donates $1.5 million dollars to construct a Palace of Peace.
Movie: Andrew Carnegie (1997)
Book: Joseph Frazier, Andrew Carnegie

May 12, 1949 The first great confrontation of the Cold War begins with the Berlin Airlift.
Movie: The Berlin Airlift (1999) - Documentary
Book: Roger G. Miller, To Save a City: The Berlin Airlift, 1948-1949

May 13, 1607 Jamestown, Virginia becomes the first British colony in America after receiving a charter approved by King James I.
Movie: Jamestown Rediscovery: A World Uncovered (1997) - Documentary
Book: Gail Sakurai, The Jamestown Colony - Juv.

May 14, 1804 Lewis and Clark expedition leaves St. Louis to begin exploration of the Louisiana Purchase.
Movie: Lewis and Clark (1993) - Documentary
Book: Charles G. Clark, the Men of Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Biographical Roster of the Fifty-One Members and a Composite Diary of Their Activities from All Known Sources

May 15, 1567 Mary Queen of Scots marries her third husband, Lord Bothwell.
Movie: Mary Queen of Scots (1991) Vanessa Redgrave
Book: Margaret George, Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles: A Novel

May 16, 1975 Junko Tabei of Japan becomes the first woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.
Movie: Mount Everest: The Fatal Climb (1999) - Documentary
Book: Sherry B. Ortner, Life and Death on Mt. Everest: Sherpas and Himalayan Mountaineering

May 17, 1954 Racial segregation in education is ruled illegal in the United States of America.
Movie: Thurgood Marshall: Justice For All (1996) - Documentary
Book: James W. Jeans, Thurgood Marshall Before the US Supreme Court in Brown vs Board of Education: Classics of the Courtroom

May 18, 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed Emperor of France.
Movie: Napoleon Bonaparte (1997) - Documentary
Book: Frank McLynn, Napoleon

May 19, 1928 Based upon a short story by Mark Twain, the first frog jumping contest is held in Calaveras County, California.
Movie: Mark Twain-A Film Directed by Ken Burns (2002) - Documentary
Book: Geoffrey C. Ward, Mark Twain: An Illustrated Biography

May 20, 1932 Landing in Ireland, Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly the Atlantic Ocean.
Movie: Amelia Earhart (1998) - Documentary
Book: Donald M. Goldstein, Amelia: The Centennial Biography of an Aviation Pioneer

May 21, 1927 Five years earlier, Charles Lindbergh solos across the Atlantic Ocean receiving a tumultuous reception at Le Bourget Airport near Paris.
Movie: Across the Atlantic: Behind The Lindbergh Legend (2001) - Documentary
Book: A. Scott Berg, Lindbergh

May 22, 1973 Richard Nixon admits a role in the Watergate cover-up.
Movie: Richard Nixon: Man and President (1997) - Documentary
Book: Richard Reeves, President Nixon: Alone in the White House

May 23, 1934 Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, notorious bank robbers, are killed in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, by Texas Rangers.
Movie: Bonnie and Clyde (1967) Warren Beatty
Book: E.R. Milner, The Lives and Times of Bonnie and Clyde

May 24, 1869 Major John Wesley Powell begins formal exploration of the Grand Canyon.
Movie: Lost in the Grand Canyon (1996) - Documentary
Book: Peter Anderson and Tom McFarland, Into the Unknown: Major Powell's River Journey

May 25 1961 President John F. Kennedy commits the United States to a manned landing on the moon before the end of the decade.
Movie: American Space Program (1997) - Documentary
Book: Michael D. Cole, Apollo 11: First Moon Landing

May 26, 1954 The funeral ship of the Pharaoh Khufu is found near Giza, Egypt
Movie: Great Pharaohs of Egypt (1997) - Documentary
Book: Jane Shutter, Pharaohs and Priests (The Ancient Egyptians)

May 27, 1937 The magnificent Golden Gate Bridge opens in San Francisco.
Movie: Modern Marvels: The Golden Gate Bridge (1994) - Documentary
Book: John Van Der Zee, The Gate: The True Story of the Design and Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge

May 28, 1851 Sojourner Truth attends the Women's Rights Convention.
Movie: Sojourner Truth (1992) - Documentary
Book: Neil Irving Painter, Sojourner Truth: A Life, a Symbol

May 29, 1765 Patrick Henry interrupted in a speech against English policies by cries of treason, replies, "If this be Treason, make the most of it!"
Movie: Patrick Henry (1995) - Documentary
Book: Henry Mayer, A Son of Thunder: Patrick Henry and the American Republic

May 30, 1087 Legendary leader of Germany, Henry IV, crowns his son as Emperor.
Movie: Out of the Dark Ages: A Tale of Four German Emperors -Documentary
Book: Horst Fuhrmann, Germany in the High Middle Ages: c. 1050-1200 (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks)

May 31, 1962 Adolf Eichmann is executed in Israel for Nazi War Crimes.
Movie: Trial of Adolf Eichmann (1997) - Documentary
Book: Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil

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