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Madame Martine by Sarah S. Brennan

Madame Martine is a tidy and very organized conformist. She always knows what she is going to eat, where she is going to go, and what she is going to do--until she meets Max, a scruffy, abandoned dog who will eat anything, go anywhere, and do whatever he pleases! Charming and soft-edged watercolors with a soothing lilt to the text lifts them both to the top.

Tip Top Cat by C. Roger Mader

A black and white cat who loves heights, loses his sense of adventure through a misguided leap of folly. Mader's realistic illustrations, good enough to collect, are delightful. In particular, the way in whch a young cat learns to combine good judgement with fun and adventure is very worthwhile.

Book Cover for Madame Martine
Book Cover for Tip Top Cat
Book Cover for Madeline


Ludwig Bemelman's beloved creation of Madeline, a small, red haired dynamo and her eleven other pupils in a convent school, along with their intrepid dog, Genevieve, romp through Paris in six delightful books. Bemelman's lovely art work and the cadence of his verse charms adults as much as it does young. Over three generations of parents, the Madeline series never fails to captivate those children fortunate enough to receive the gift of an introduction to Madeline's world.


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