Clio's Eye Staff

Dr. Elizabeth Deanne Malpass
Dr. Elizabeth Deanne Malpass originated the concept for Clio's Eye in 1997 and continues to serve as Director and Coordinator of each issue. She teaches British and Modern European History. She has a PhD. from Texas Christian University; a JD from South Texas College of Law and an MA from University of Miami.
Mary Devine
Mary Devine has been associated with Clio's Eye since its earliest days in 1997 and continues to work as the Writing Editor. After retiring from the English Department at Stephen F. Austin State University, where she taught for eighteen years. Mrs. Devine worked both on the Clio's Eye website and for six years as Writing coach and co-ordinator for the graduate students in the History Department.
Gretchen Patterson
Gretchen Patterson is the technical editor for Clio's Eye Journal. She completed two years of undergraduate studies at Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas, transferred to Stephen F. Austin State University, graduated with a BA in History in 2014, and is now studying for her Master's degree. Ms. Patterson has a background with raising Colonial Spanish Horses, and has been published in Clio's Eye, the Undergraduate and Graduate Research competitions as well as several equestrian journals.

Past Project Co-ordinators:
Krystal Hawk
Fall, 2012: Krystal Hawk, Austin, Texas

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