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A Film and Audio Visual Magazine for the Historian, Clio's Eye is produced by the Department of History at Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas. Named in honor of Clio, the Greek muse of History, the magazine is designed to evaluate and recommend films, audiovisual, and printed sources for the layman,and amateur historian, as well as for teachers and students.

It is written and edited with the support and contributions of the faculty, the graduate and undergraduate student bodies in order to introduce, review, evaluate, and promote discussion of film and literary works concerned with historical topics or themes to the public. In addition, the magazine is designed to encourage student critical and intellectual skills while serving as a vehicle for research, methodology, and writing exercises.

Authors, producers, distributors, or manufacturers who wish to submit materials with historical themes for review, evaluation, and publicizing their work may submit books, articles, films, games, or CD-ROM to Dr. E. Deanne Malpass, Department of History, P.O. Box 13013, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas, 75962. Submission does not guarantee a review; however, such materials may be reviewed in Clio's Eye and will become part of the Department of History Film Library to be used only for educational purposes and for review projects. Authors of both Main and shorter review articles should submit their work in the form of e-mail attachment, CD-ROM disc or flash drive as well as hard copy.

Each month a main essay, approximately ten typed pages, double spaced, will feature a guest author. On occasion, a two or three part series may be utilized where the subject or concept requires additional space. While many of the main essays will be at the invitation of the Editorial Board of Clio's Eye, the staff invites the submission of essays by the faculty and students of other universities or by the public, subject to the guidelines outlined below.

Film Reviews by graduate students and faculty, approximately four-five typed pages, double spaced, are published on a rotating basis and will remain on screen for approximately one-three months. These reviews may be submitted by SFASU graduate students or students from other universities, subject to the guidelines outlined below.

Clio Recommends consists of two to four short reviews done by undergraduate and graduate students of SFASU and will rotate on a regular bases, subject to the guidelines outlined below.


Length: Essay manuscripts should be no longer than approximately ten standard typed pages. Occasionally a topical or thematic series , e.g. two, three, or more part series, printed over several issues or months will be comparably enlarged, e.g. 20 pages for a two part work , published in two editions.

Division: The author may indicate a preferred title as well as desired breaks or headlines; however, the final appearance of the essay may be different due to formatting demands, and authors should utilize a straightforward essay style.

Margins: One inch on all four sides; right hand margins unjustified

Space: Double spacing

Font: Twelve point, New York or Times

Style: Paragraph; film titles should be italicized; book titles should be underlined; journal articles should appear in quotation marks

Format: Microsoft Word or AppleWorks.

References: Depending on the nature of the essay and the author's purpose, specific references to or quotations from various books or films within the context of the review are desirable, but may be as detailed or as brief, e.g. by title or author/title as the writer deems necessary, dependent upon any appropriate copyright restrictions. Generally, no formal footnotes are necessary. (If footnote numbers are used they should appear in brackets [ ] not superscript.) In the event, however, of the use of a specific quotation from either a film, a book, a review, newspaper article, etc. a short, accurate list of sources at the conclusion of the essay is necessary. Although authors may incorporate references to and discussions of written historical works, authors are invited to add also a short list of related films and books that a historian, amateur or professional, would find useful and/or enjoyable. Such a list may, on occasion, even recommend an outstanding novel, journal article or other essay. In the event that such referral material is not included in the body of the essay, the staff of Clio's Eye may add a 'box' with such recommendation. If so, such material will be distinguished clearly from the body of the essay and/or the essayist's opinions.

Biographical Information: For main essays or Film Reviews, only bylines and short biographical notes will be included in the journal. Such material when submitted should be brief and contain only occupational affiliations, major works, degrees, honors or information directly relative to the article/essay submitted. Such biographical material may need to be further abbreviated by the journal due to space restrictions. A small, clear, black and white photograph is requested and may be used if sent with the manuscript materials. Such a photo is required when submitting a main essay for publication.

Editorial Board: Director, Dr. E. Deanne Malpass; Writing Editor, Mary Devine;
Gretchen Patterson, Project Co-ordinator.

The opinions, ideas, recommendations, and citations, used in Clio's Eye are solely the responsibility of individual writers and reflect only the views of the author(s) and in no way are attributable to either the Department of History or to Stephen F. Austin State University.

Copyright E. Deanne Malpass. Produced in Affiliation with The Department of History, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas. All Rights Reserved. No materials appearing in this magazine may be reproduced without written permission.

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