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In celebration of its second decade of continuous publication, The Department of History and Clio's Eye was pleased to announce the establishment of a writing award in honor of our Writing Editor, Mary Rose Devine. Mrs Devine has served as an advisor to Clio's Eye, which is designed to stimulate public interest in History through film and other audio visual reviews, since the journal's inception in 1997 and has served as Clio's Writing Editor since 1999. In that capacity, she has assisted dozens of writers to publish at the college level through writing workshops, individual conferences and editorial review of each issue. In every instance for students and staff, she has set an example of personal kindness as well as professional integrity. After retiring from the English Department at Stephen F. Austin State University, where she taught for eighteen years, Mrs. Devine worked both on the Clio's Eye website and served for six years as Writing Editor and co-ordinator for the graduate students in the History Department.

An annual award of two hundred and fifty dollars for the next decade will be granted each year for the best under graduate or graduate written work on a historical subject in any field. The submitted manuscript, from any college student in the nation may be a research, topic or term paper, a book, film or music review submitted by the author or recommended by a faculty member; all works published in Clio's Eye during that year will also be eligible. A department committe will judge submitted papers and recommend the grant recipient each November. The winners are published in the December/January issue, beginning in 2009. In any given year, the committee may determine not to award the grant at that time. Clio's Eye reserves the right to publish any submitted paper as an original work, to correct or modify papers or articles, without change of content or context, in accordance with Clio's Eye manuscript standards and retains all and any copyrights to publication.


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