Clio's Short Takes: March, 2017

Commentary by Dr. Elizabeth Malpass

Hacksaw Ridge Cover

Some Films you may have missed:

Hacksaw Ridge--Too bloody? Too True! Certainly, even in an era of extreme violence, one of the most realistic war films of the new century. Based upon the WWII career of a conscientious objector, Desmond Doss, Mel Gibson directs an amazing transformational Performance by Andrew Garfield, but definitely not for the young, squeamish, or the immature. Update: Andrew Garfield won the Academy Award for Best Actor; Mel Gibson won the Academy Award for Best Director.

Rules Don't Apply Cover
Rules Don't Apply is not a great movie but any film starring or directed by Warren Beatty is usually worth watching. The story of a young contract actress and an ambitious limo driver is at best cotton candy. The film is an excuse for Beatty to chew up the scenery as Howard Hughes, often like an evil Wizard of Oz manipulating people from behind a curtain. Martin Scorsese's Aviator is a better biographical study, but think back to Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Bulworth, Dick Tracy, even way, way, back to Bonnie and Clyde and you will remember Beatty as a director or an actor can never be dull.
The Eyes of My Mother Cover
The Scariest Ever? The Eyes of My Mother may well be the most horror filled movie since 1974 when The Texas Chain Saw Massacre scared the satire out of a frightened nation. Nevertheless, this directing, acting, and the use of black and white imagery and several shocking twists make this a new classic in the genre.

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